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street art-graffiti-muurschildering-mural-artiest-asquidcalledsebastian-graffiti-goldrush-loures

A Squid Called Sebastian


A Squid Called Sebastian (ASCS) was born in America and came into contact with street art and graffiti at an early age. In 1989 he moved with his parents to Belgium, where he followed an artistic training. The focus was on comic strip drawing, which sparked a penchant for Japanese and oriental drawings. In his current work he combines and translates his drawings and studio work into images, often with organic and animal subjects. Characteristic for this artist are also the oriental inspired expressive masks, which are often part of his emotional and surrealistic world. His murals are full of symbolism where a story, personal or otherwise, is attached.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-asit



Bert Vuylsteke a.k.a. Asit has his roots in Ruiselede, West Flanders. After studying Regentaat plastic art, he continued to live in Ghent. Since 1997 Bert started graffiti under the name Asit. Besides graffiti he also makes custom works on canvas, airbrushes, paints logo’s ,tattadesign, drawings...

In the early years Asit mainly made letter pieces in colour. Gradually this switched to more realistic portraits and characters in black and white. Later the cyborg animals appeared on stage, both in colour and black and white. In the meantime these animals have become a kind of trademark. To this day specimens are still being added that have been given a more cartoon-style character.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-carolina-favale

Carolina Favale


She studied at the School of Visual Arts Antonio Berni, from where she graduated in Visual Arts majoring in Printmaking. Since 2010, she has been doing murals using spray paint, influenced by various urban art manifestations. The street allows one to create a language that combines different forms of action and direct intervention. This language is the result of different searches for appropriation and reinterpretation of elements of Latin American and European visual art, (specifically from Symbolism, Pre-Columbian Art and Latin American Mural Art) translated into spray paint. Her main interest is to create timeless and calm spaces, which invite contemplation and reflection, questioning about different aspects that make and interpellate the human condition. For this artist, the artistic practice is, mainly, an authentic space for self-knowledge through which one can construct meaning based on personal experiences.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-ceepil-graffiti-goldrush-loures.jpg

Cee Pil


Cee Pil makes quality work at top speed, which makes it a pleasure to see him live somewhere. Through his experience in traditional painting and making hyper-realistic portraits of animals in particular, he is able to skillfully create this unique optical illusions. He combines several images with each other and achieves astonishing results every time.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-danny rumble

Danny Rumble


Danny Rumbl is een illustrator en artist uit Rotterdam, waar hij in zijn studio werkt aan illustraties, grote murals en houten sculpturen. Zijn inspiratie groeit voort uit zijn liefde voor cartoons en illustraties uit de jaren 60 en 70, uit natuur, eten en moderne popcultuur. Wanneer je alles mixt, creëer je zeer dynamische cartooneske, dierenachtige characters met een menselijke touch.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-david duits

David Duits


David Duits sprayed his very first graffiti around the year 2000. Influenced by the American Hip Hop Culture he immersed himself in this then still young world.

It didn't take long before colorful works popped up all over the neighborhood. Some that still colour the Kortrijk cityscape today.

Between 2009-2018 he developed his style as a graffiti artist and developed his own typical style of lettering.

But gradually his interest in the figurative also grew and he discovered the idea of 'Street Art', a medium that allowed him to have a constructive dialogue with the neighborhood.

In recent years he has focused on getting his work as much as possible into the street image. Preferably in a positive way.

It is the accessible nature of art in the streetscape that strongly appeals to Duits.

He himself finds his style difficult to describe, as long as it is colourful!


David Soner


As a teenager, David Soner discovered the hip-hop culture that had just seen the light of day. He experimented with all its different disciplines, but it was through graffiti that he discovered his true calling. Soon his interest in calligraphy grew, which was later polished up by more contemporary sources of inspiration through his work as a graphic artist. Soner always paints with his time, which explains the modernity in his work. Moreover, this artist is an expert in visual identity and often paints logos of companies by hand in addition to his art, voluntarily maintaining a strong bond with the craft.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-eyes-b



Eyes-B, a painter and graffiti artist based in Brussels, has been drawing since he can remember. He has also now been painting for more than 10 years. He finds his inspiration in the digital arts, design and the macro use of organic elements. He has gradually developed his technique by using more of a “freestyle” approach—improvisation and spontaneity guide his work. Lately, Eyes-B has started putting his classic graffiti aside to focus on abstract painting. The readability of the letter has been replaced by a moving form, images that carry sound. Music is his work’s main driver. The rhythm shapes his strokes and dictate his movements—earning him the nickname of “the conductor ». Rhythm, silence, repetition, break, dynamism… every aspect of the songs he listens to are highlighted in his paintings. The many layers in each sound bring him to create different textures and each rhythm, a movement smooth or irregular, fast or slow, until the game of composition can achieve the perfect balance.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-huariu



Huariu revealed himself as street artist in 2014 and began focusing on his work, using only black and white and various combinations of straight lines and shapes to create abstract and figurative designs.
He paints, most frequently, portraits where all shading is created through various combinations of horizontal and diagonal lines. He likes to venture into upper body and lower body paintings as well, where some emotion is conveyed through the posture of the body. Huariu works mostly on canvases and murals using spray and acrylic paint.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-jamie answord

Jamie Answord


Jamie Answord leaves - often erotically tinted - miniature paintings behind on urban spaces. Using a spray can and finger painting, he creates very small works that often complement other graffiti works in legal zones or urban infrastructure. Perfect for small interventions! Also, this artist specialises in Trompe-l'oeil's in which nature can be found.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-joachim



Joachim is a talented, young Belgian street artist who managed to introduce himself into the Belgian street art scene and earn his place in the sun relatively quickly. He is famous for his childlike spontaneity and experimenting with different styles. In addition to creating street art in various European cities, Joachim also works on canvases he builds from quality materials he finds on the street. These improvised canvases, as well as the recurring motifs of eyes and teeth, became the trademark of Joachim’s unique art.


Kitsune Jolene


Kitsune Jolene ( Jolien De Waele, 1992* ) is an artist based in Ghent, Belgium. Usually with a focus on emotive portraits, fauna and flora. Infused with subtle nods to various cultures and myths.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-kiuw



Kiuw grew up in a small town in West-Flanders. At the age of 14 he went to Ghent to study graphic design. He filled his days with watching cartoons, inventing useless stuff, smashing Nintendo games and getting into trouble.

This served as inspiration for his weird but joyful illustrations. He loves creating characters, scènes and graphic elements. As dr Frankenstein might do, he lets them come alive through illustration, graffiti, animation, 3D-modelling, graphic design, game design & webdesign.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-klaas van der linden

Klaas Van der Linden


Klaas Van Der Linden expresses his love for painting people, objects and subjects from his own daily and personal living environment. He does this by means of a unique cross between brush and spray can on canvas. Van Der Linden is a master in depicting light and reflections and often emphasizes these with bright fluorescent colours. His canvases often form the inspiration for his larger murals, which depict a dark world full of railway workers, moths and skulls. Vanitas symbols and nocturnal scenes lie at the heart of his oeuvre that reflects life in all its facets.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-letterknecht-leenknecht



Maarten is a visual artist who is passionate about spreading positive messages through his street art. He has made many typographic murals in all sorts of places, and also creates images for other physical and digital purposes. The synergy between his grooves and graphics is something that creates a real creative energy. Whatever it is, he always creates something and spreads his passions around the world to discover and enjoy.

street art-graffiti-mural-lobster robin-region-ghent

Lobster Robin


Street artist and fine art artist from Antwerp now living in Ghent, researching the individuals travel through life in a colourful and sometimes psychedelic way.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-love



street art-graffiti-mural-artist-mariana-ptks

Mariana PTKS


Martiana PTKS is a street artist fromPortugal. Her work gravitates around abstract takes on the universe and its infinite possibilities, using fiery color combinations and contrasts combined with sharp geometric shapes. Painting on various surfaces, such as walls, canvas or wood, makes her very happy!

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-maris



street art-graffiti-mural-artist-matthew dawn

Matthew Dawn


Like van Gogh, Matthew Dawn went through a blue period, but has since evolved into work with a high degree of realism. His works usually carry deeper messages. For example, for the work 'After All, Strangers Again' in Ghent, he drew inspiration from love and its transience; an experience that is universally recognisable.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-nekvel



street art-graffiti-mural-artist-nigel

Nigel Leirens


Nigel Leirens makes things more beautiful...

way more beautiful...

Transforms raw walls into gold and copper,

Gives you the moon,

Let magic run through his spray can and his fingers...

Nigel Leirens draws your dreams

and the clouds open...

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-nuno viegas

Nuno Viegas


Nuno Viegas is known for his photorealistic works. Inspired by the graffiti culture in which he grew up, he often paints gloves, T-shirts and masks; all elements that are recognisable to people who paint graffiti illegally. Today he works as a professional street artist, with work that subtly presents itself between street art and graffiti.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-odeith



Odeith is a Portuguese artist who has been in the graffiti scene for years and is sometimes called the anamorphic master. His first experiences were sketched on street walls and train tracks and so the passion he had always shown for drawing had a new purpose and he started to evolve. Early on the artist showed a particular interest in perspective and shadow, in an obscure style, which he later called "sombre 3D", where the compositions, landscapes or portraits, messages or homages, stood out for their realism and technique. Odeith was internationally recognised in 2005 for his pioneering incarnations of anamorphic art, distinguishing himself by his compositions in perspective and painted in different planes, such as 90º corners or from wall to floor, creating an optical illusion effect.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-plur



street art-graffiti-mural-artist-resto-nieuw gent-the goldmine



street art-graffiti-mural-roa-gum museum-region-ghent



ROA is famous for his monumental black and white paintings of rabbits, birds, rats, fish and other animals, which he first started to paint on the walls in the surrounding cities of his hometown Ghent. The animals, often sunken, skeletal or dead, reflect ROA's pessimistic view on society. He always looks for relevance between the animals that he paints and the neighbourhood. Often they are extinct or no longer present in the neighbourhood due to circumstances.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-samor



street art-graffiti-mural-artiest-sergekb.jpg

Serge Kb


Serge's work is often inspired by nature and the beautiful, sometimes strange creations of nature. In his creations he often adapts these with analogue, futuristic elements. His interest in the past is reflected in his work in which he likes to paint rusted and damaged objects or walls. Drawing and designing has always been an important part of his life, he tries not to repeat it,...every wall is different.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-simian switch

Simian Switch


street art-graffiti-mural-artist-simon mannaerts

Simon Manaerts


Simon Mannaerts (SIMO) is a street artist/ fine artist and parttime bike mechanic basedin Antwerp, Belgium.Drawing is his second nature. He makes portraits in oil paint as well as large-scalemurals with cans and acrylics.Fascinated by people, animals, movement and psychology.Making up in colors and lines what letters and words can’t describe.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-slim safont

Slim Safont


"With my work I try to focus on situations in everyday life that may be more significant than others, that may be representative of a specific social aspect in each context." Nil Safont, better known as Slim Safont, was born in 1995 in Berga, Barcelona. At the age of twelve, he instinctively entered the world of urban art. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Currently working full time as a muralist and painter, his works can be found in various towns in Catalonia or Spain, but have also reached several cities in the United States, Italy, Belgium, Russia, France, Belarus and Kosovo, among others. making Slim Safont an internationally known artist.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-smok



Smok is a renowned street artist who likes to paint with spray cans, but is not afraid to use brushes or other types of materials. His aim is to make people smile or make them think about nature, their responsibilities and consciousness. Smok made his first graffiti in 1986. After an interruption of 15 years he started painting again in 2013. His work can now be seen far beyond Antwerp.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-solid



Solid paints masks and creatures from separate blocks. These scare away evil spirits and protect the environment where they were painted. As a beginning artist he wanted to show through positive projects that graffiti could also be art. As a driving force behind Wallin', he organised all kinds of projects with mural painting at the basis.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-solo cink

Solo Cink


This skilled calligraffiti artist from Brussels reinterprets Gothic letters and transforms them into the building blocks of geometric and colourful works, which almost look like mandalas. Black, white and gold are colours that regularly recur in his work and contribute to the mystical atmosphere. The artist discovered calligraphy during his travels through Asia, after which he completely shaped this style of writing. Oriental cultures are a great source of inspiration for him. Anyone who takes the time can even find the 'Ohm' symbol and other references to spiritual wisdom in his murals.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-taquen



Taquen is a visual artist born in Madrid, the capital of Spain. As an artist he is interested in the changes, movement and the relationship between man and his environment. His work is based on his experience and relationship with nature, where he spends most of his time.


Toon Van Ishoven


Toon Van Ishoven is an Antwerp-based, Belgian visual artist/designer. He makes murals, paintings, graphic and audiovisual designs. He makes original, free art as well as commissioned works. He likes to switch between solo work and collaboration with theatre directors, writers, choreographers, fellow artists, etc. Each wall influences the content he chooses. Toon often integrates the specific shape or architectural characteristics of a building, a column or an interior space into his design. His painting technique consists for about 2/3 of brushwork and 1/3 of aerosols and/or airbrush. It enables him to give the piece a substantial level of realism and a 3-dimensional feel.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-toys



street art-graffiti-mural-artist-violant



Violant is a talented Portuguese painter whose murals often contain animals. Sometimes they are surrealistic and combine several subjects flawlessly. Usually the viewer can derive a deeper message from his work. Violant is also known for his Brazilian way of painting; he paints walls of no less than 8 metres high; without a ladder, but with a long stick and a brush.

street art-graffiti-mural-artist-xuas



Xuas's paintings seem to come from a fantasy world. This experienced graffiti artist is known for his enchanting use of colour and imaginative scenes that immediately make you dream. Both on small and large surfaces his colourful style comes into its own.

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