Caroline Favale

The De Wilde family had been building their perfect garden for years. A beautiful terrace, an equally beautiful pond and lots of greenery. Only the side facade of their family home could use some colour.

During a graffiti walk with Wallin' we got talking and planned an exploratory visit. Mr. De Wilde was a doctor and his work required a lot of motor precision.

Wallin' immediately reminded us of an Argentinean artist Carolina Favale, whom we had seen at work at the Loures Arte Publica Festival in Portugal. Her work always revolves around dynamic compositions in which hands are central. The link with Mister De Wilde's profession was thus made in a nuanced way. Add a nice dose of colour on top and just like the garden you get a wall that blooms. The only difference, on the mural the family has no weekly maintenance work!

Do you also have a garden wall, side wall or other wall at home that you don't know what to do with? We turn every wall into a story that suits you with the right artist. Feel free to contact us for an exploratory talk.

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Nice to know!

Carolina would travel Europe for 3 months to make murals in Portugal, Spain and Ukraine. This last location was unfortunately compromised by the political unrest that then prevailed in the country. As an artist active in the public space, such events can be very inspiring, but at the same time they can also throw a spanner in the works. Instead of returning to Argentina, she made another passage in Ghent to create this beautiful work of art. We were very happy that we were able to fill this void with a unique experience for her and the family.

The preparation of the wall also came with a big challenge. The foundation and structure of the wall was unknown territory for us. The more than 100 different surfaces made for a very time-consuming preparation. Fortunately, in special projects that require deep expertise, we are always assisted by the talented painter Ernest Larrangé of the renovation company Juust.


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