EDF Luminus

Together with the artists Klaas Van Der Linden and Matthew Dawn, we made a series of paintings on the wall of an EDF Luminus high-voltage cabin. With the project we wanted to reduce the gap between the social and the industria. Or at least make it more pleasing to the eye. EDF Luminus was therefore very open to the idea of making their contribution to the neighbourhood and telling their story through art.

The artist Klaas Van der Linden wanted to pay attention to the power of energy, and its beauty. On one hand the cleanliness in which it can come, and on the other hand the aesthetic added value it can bring. For example, he painted a gigantic island with a large light source pulsating from his forest. We can only speculate where exactly this source of energy would come from. A nice wink to what is going on in the building itself has been included in this way.

With his work, artist Matthew Dawn wanted to provide the static building with a face and emotion. In this way he portrayed the phenomenon of love and its decay.


We want to remind everyone that the factory is runned by people. We would therefore like to express our appreciation to Elia, EDF Luminus and their employees for the contribution they make to the City of Ghent. They supply Ghent with 20% of its electricity and thus contribute to maintaining the standard of living of many of its inhabitants.

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