In collaboration with Ghent artist Letterknecht we painted a monumental painting on a wall of 220 square metres on the Franse Vaart. Letterknecht chose to apply the word Equality because of the ongoing BLM situation. Unfortunately, the wall was a temporary intervention. With the arrival of a large-scale new construction project, the wall would eventually disappear. But even though the wall will disappear, the message is one that will always be remembered.

This site on which we worked was, as it were, a blind spot in the neighbourhood, with no clear destination. With the new building project Keizerpoort, Oryx Projects will give this place new allure with a mix of homes, offices and shops. For Oryx Projects, the resident's experience is central. And that starts right outside, on the pavement. The connection to temporarily breathe life into the wall, whether or not, was therefore quickly made.


In addition to the Equality wall painting, we invited a number of artists to take care of the other walls on the site within a graffiti jam. Artists from Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp came together to exchange their techniques and to expose themselves to new impulses.

Next to the Equality wall, Cee Pil, Simon Mannaerts, Lobster Robin and Solid9000 painted on the site that was demolished. On the parking lot of the current Aldi you can find the works of artists Marc Eyes-B and Mauche (BXL) , Sawer and Skill (Antwerp) , Kitsune Jolene and Plur (Ghent).

street-art-graffiti-mural-artist-simon manaerts-keizerpoort-region-ghent.jpg
street-art-graffiti-mural-artist-lobster robin-solid--keizerpoort-region-ghent.jpg
street-art-graffiti-mural-artist-eyes b-keizerpoort-region-ghent.jpg
street-art-graffiti-mural-artist-kitsune jolene-keizerpoort-region-ghent.jpg

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