Fire Is Gold

Fire is Gold is an urban inspired festival with Hip Hop, lifestyle, fashion and all new urban trends. The festival puts a lot of emphasis on experience and wants to highlight all aspects of hip hop during the festival. Since graffiti lies at the roots of hip hop they contacted us to integrate this element in an original way.

We integrated the presence of graffiti in two different ways. The first part was an installation by none other than Odeith from Portugal. For the first time in his career, this graffiti legend fled to Belgium to leave one of his anamorphic masterpieces behind at the festival. He was asked to incorporate the hip hop elements in his installation together with a letter piece by Fire Is Gold. A work that completely suited him as he is a huge hip hop fan himself. The eye-catcher opened a lot of mouths at the festival and caused a lot of interaction with the audience. Pictures were taken and posted on stories, Instagram or Facebook, there were even a few B-boys who placed themselves on the boombox with a few moves. A great added value in any case for Fire Is Gold!


In addition to the installation, Wallin' was also on site with an interactive workshop. The roots of graffiti lies in tags and this is what this workshop was all about. The audience had a complete container to express themselves and leave their tag at the festival. The activity was very successful and the end result was a very colourful "wall made by the people". Again this caused a lot of interaction, photos and so on.

Jef Willem, organizer of Fire Is Gold, was very satisfied with our graffiti injection at the festival. He later told us that Peter De Cuyper, founder of I Love Techno and We Love Events, even uses our installation and graffiti workshop in his lectures for event organisers. A story where we instantly smile from.

Are you also looking for an eye catcher for your event? An interactive activity? Wallin' looks forward to see how we can provide your event with an added value that visitors won't easily forget.


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